Piling and drilling
Holes from 100mm to 2m diameter up to 50m deep
greater Wellington region
Timber Pole Walls
Pole walls of all sizes and up to 6m using reinforced earth principles
Steel Retaining Walls
Anchored Shotcrete Walls
Crib Walls

New purchase and a partner for the drill rig

For piling and site works, the crane has a 17m reach and can lift 6 ton, has the same size foot print as the piling rig and is perfect for the smaller sites where large equipment can not be utilised.

Other projects...

Other than piling, Keene Krib has extensive experience in installing retaining structures, pole walls, reinforced earth, ground anchors, spray concrete walls and extensive ground works for new buildings. Recent examples of work:

A new piling rig

In February Keene Krib purchased a medium sized Piling Rig that is at home in the varied ground conditions of Wellington. A machine designed for sites where access or confined headroom are a limiting factor. The mast can be shortened and a smaller Kelly bar fitted enabling work in a low headroom of just 3.8metres drilling to a maximum depth of 12 meters.