Other projects...

Other than piling, Keene Krib has extensive experience in installing retaining structures, pole walls, reinforced earth, ground anchors, spray concrete walls and extensive ground works for new buildings. Recent examples of work:


retaining-walls-8 retaining-walls-9

Before and after images show the replacement of a poorly built wall.

We have recently been installing micropiles, using Ischebeck bar, these were for a new school building, in Wellington.

The process uses a grout flush through the hollow bar which produces a high grout to country bond, pile length can vary across the site with out compromising final quality. Keene Krib have invested in proven equipment, as shown, plus many years experience using this process.


Another facet of our work is preparing new sites for residential homes. As Wellington sites can be challenging we have a full range of equipment from concrete pumps, diggers, trucks, pileing rigs.

retaining-walls-11 retaining-walls-12 retaining-walls-13


If you would like to learn more please contact us on (04) 383-5050 or Stewart on (027) 4433625.